Tuesday, May 13, 2008

All I Need to Know

I don’t know how or why these huge hiatuses between posts keep happening. It’s not like I forget about my blog, or don’t have thoughts or ideas for it throughout the week. I guess the lack of internet at home combined with my job requiring me to, um, write all day, makes for a nasty combination of procrastination and a lack of time at home that claims writing here with any consistency as a victim. Oh well.

I am officially on the board to have an exhibition bout this Friday. The gym and its competitive team are now sponsored by Powerade, which is exciting. There are all sorts of banners around the gym advertising Powerade and Friday Fight Night, so there’s a very cool feel around the gym – a professional aura in the rusty, dank Allston gym.

My opponent’s name is Sean Mullen and he is fighting out of Whitman, which is near Brockton, which is Home of the Champions. And that’s about all I know about him and his hometown. I don’t know whether he’s experienced or not, orthodox or southpaw, a boxer or a brawler, hell, I don’t even know how many rounds we’re going. Don’t know what I’m going to wear, whose gloves and headgear I need to borrow…

All I know is I’m fighting Sean Mullen from Whitman in an exhibition bout at approximately 9:15pm this Friday, May 16th.

And I can’t wait to whip his ass.


Anonymous said...

Your determination is admirable. As a small town, middle class, MO girl myself, I'm taking a different road to the corporate world with a mindset of only achieving my ultimate goal. Kudos to you, you will definitely succeed! By the way, knock Mullen out!

Anonymous said...

Jonathan this was the only way I could contact you because I lost my phone. I need to train for this upcoming bout on the 27th of June (if i end up doing it). Need a sparring/training partner. Give me a call at my number 6177630951.

Antonio Romero