Saturday, April 25, 2009

...And Back on the Up and Up

So I guess all I had to do was write a whiny post on here about my loss of momentum and, voila, the tides turn and everything gets re-directed back on the up and up.

First things first: I was recently promoted at my job. Yes, it was a proud day – I, Jonathan Moreland, am no longer an entry-level peon. It was actually a somewhat unexpected bump given my tenure at SHIFT, but I’m extremely humbled and all the more motivated to have received the recognition for my hard work. Funny note: whenever there is big personnel move, the manager involved sends around an all-office email. When my boss sent mine around, she had the subject read “and in this corner….” and tied in a bunch of boxing metaphors as well as a link to this blog. (So glad I’ve been neglecting it….) Anyway, made me proud that I'm officially the punchin' PR pro.

Another big development at work is my colleague/partner-in-crime/direct co-worker is leaving, so I’ve had a ton (wait, it’s always a ton – so make that two tons) of work handling the transition as well as the normal in-office craziness. Big point being: as usual, it’s all good at work. Extremely busy, but a good busy…especially when it doesn’t get in the way of the gym.

Which, luckily, it hasn’t as of late.

While I’ve been cross-training my tail off and staying in phenomenal (is that bragging? sorry, it's true...) shape, I’ve just started working out at the boxing gym again the past 10 days. So far, I don’t feel like I’m that rusty – I feel more fresh than stiff, strong than slow. It’s been a great start to camp, including a sparring session where I absolutely picked a kid apart with counterpunches, so my thought process and timing aren’t too far off either. I certainly feel comfortable with the tools I have to work with and build on in the coming weeks.

I think I got goaded into fighting on a card on May 8. It’s only a few weeks away, but, hell, why not? I’ve been antsy to get back in the ring and what better way to do it than train for a hard, rapidly-approaching deadline? I figure I can chronicle my blitzkrieg training on here too – I've always meant to write shorter, more boxing-focused posts.

The past few months have truly been a roller coaster – no melodramatics about it, there’s no other way to explain it. My career has finally broken through, and I’ve gone from 3 weeks off to 2 great weeks of “on” at the gym, with my health, motivation and counter-rights all focused upwards towards May 8. Now it's just an issue of riding this upswing as far as I can take it.

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff mate. Looking forward to your next post!