Saturday, August 29, 2009

10 days out

So I'm 10 days out from the big fight and everything still seems to be hitting on all cylinders. I feel great - my stamina's up, my gloves are popping, I'm fighting smart and I just feel fresh and ready. To bullet out some random musings...

- Samson had his hair, I have my high socks. Honest to goodness, I don't box as well wearing normal socks as I do when I wear my long ones pulled mid-way up my shins. Fashionable AND functional...somehow.

- I went 8 rounds total between 3 different sparring partners this Saturday and felt fantastic throughout. What's more, I stopped a kid with a body shot for the first time ever. (Ever meaning I've never done that before in all my days and rounds.) This is a definite indicator that things are progressing. I'd be a bit more impressed with myself if it was in an actual bout and against someone other than a rotating sparring partner from my gym, but, well, this is good stuff. So here's to repeating the kayo when it counts on the 12th.

- Confession: the best part about my marathon sparring session Saturday is the fact that I went out Friday night and admittedly partied entirely too hard. But rather than having a sluggish, frustrating-to-the-point-I'm-sick (hungover) workout, I had one of my best in recent memories. That's how I know I'm ready for this bout. And yes, I realize that Saturday was me using my "get out of jail free card" and I don't plan on boozing between now and fight night.

- My two favorite combos this month:

First, is a lead hook-2. I show the lead hook, tipping the punch a shade with my shoulder and throwing it a little wide. Whether it connects for points or not (ideally it does, but it's a set-up) I get my opponent to commit to it and step in with my back foot, blasting a straight right (my ham-muh) through the shoot. This has been working incredibly effectively as of late, especially after a series of jabs that gets them cheating on the straight, peppering punches.

My other favorite is a 1-2-step-through/step-over that leads to, well, whatever punches I want - usually a big right hand, but sometimes I'll wind-up and come through with a hook to the body. I've gotten really good at hiding this movement behind my right hand, stepping through (almost hopping) and pivoting quickly, staying tight so I can get my final punch/combo off quickly and trapping my opponent behind behind my trail leg. Why I didn't toy with my footwork months (hell, years) ago, I'll never know.

- I have to renew my fight passport before the 12th and just mailed off my application today. My trainer's not worried that it'll get there, be processed and returned all in time for the tourney, but I can't help but be anxious. It'd be just my luck to find out during weigh-in that my paperwork's not in order and I can't compete. Aw hell, did I just jinx myself?

- Not having to cut huge amounts of weight is sweet. And that's all I have to say about that.

More updates as they happen in the coming days. Getting pumped...


willfrank said...

Its been great to follow along as you progress the last few months, Jonathan. From the tenor of your recent posts, you sound excited as all get out, and it seems like you got a bunch of positive momentum heading into this upcoming bout. Go out and make a statement next week!

NerdOfSteel’s Boxing Tips said...

I like the lead hook – 2 combo, not concentrating on a perfect hook opens my mind to the possibilities. I’ve been studying a lot of Roy Jones’ body mechanics in an attempt to develop a lead hook that I can use on orthodox fighters. I’ll have to start working this combo.

On the “1-2-step-through/step-over” are you referring to the fact that you change which is your leading foot? And which way are you pivoting?

Jonathan Moreland said...

Yeah, a good lead hook can expand your playbook big time.

Ha, sorry, definitely didn't illustrate my 1-2-step-through well. After my right hand comes back to my body, I step through with my back/right foot and plant it besides my opponents lead leg - a little behind it, actually. (Again, this is almost a quick hop.) The ensuing pivot is more like me cocking my body back towards my left hand (the direction I just stepped from) to allow me to square up to my opponent and throw a straight right or hook to the body. My back leg "traps" him within my step-through - he can't circle out, can't effectively counterpunch without pivoting, and is right in my line of fire for a big power shot.

Make a little more sense? Hopefully it does - I never realized how tough it is to type a boxing combo clearly.

NerdOfSteel’s Boxing Tips said...

I definitely get it now. I'll have to try it out.