Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My version of summer camp

Not a lot to report on. I had a great vacation in MO, summer finally arrived (yesterday) in Boston, and I'm still cross-training my brains out. Unfortunately, that's it - not a lot of in-ring activity to recap. I have been getting to the boxing gym more frequently the past few days though, and I've felt strong through some intense bag and mitt workouts. The foundation is definitely finished - now I just need to finish the house. And throw a party by its pool, of course.

No fights looming this month, but I'm penciled-in for a bout in late August and confirmed on a card in mid-September. I'll be more than ready for both and am already chomping at the bit. It's encouraging to already feel in this good of shape with almost a month before these next opportunities to fight.

Could it be? I can have a legit "camp" before competing?

I'm currently battling an internal health issue, but nothing that's keeping me out of the gym. Or rather, I just won't let it. Just keepin' on keepin' on, and good things ahead. Not pulling any punches, not leaving anything behind - this is where circumstance and perseverance come together, the results flourish and the excuses end.

Speaking of the spirit I hope to embody, RIP Arturo "Thunder" Gatti - one of my favorite boxers and an inspiration to the boxing community. For those who - for whatever strange reason - haven't ever seen Gatti/Ward I, you've missed out on 3 of the most (dare I say it?) beautiful minutes in sports history in Round 9.

"That's not thunder, that's heart." RIP, champ.

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