Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Home is where the heart (and SUN) is

I've been home in Kansas City for a few days, but wanted to make sure to drop a quick blog post before I go down to the Ozarks and don't have access to modern technology over the 4th. (Can't wait...)

I've continued my torrid workout regimen despite the gnarly Boston weather and no upcoming bouts on the calendar. Between my "usual" scheduling shenanigans and this vacation to MO, I've only been in the boxing gym once since the lengthy sparring session I blogged about in my last post almost 2 weeks ago. While I haven't been able to glove up, I've been the farthest thing from inactive.

I can't remember a time where I've cross-trained as hard and as consistently as I have the past few months. I'm working out twice most days and am maintaining an aggressive pace in everything I do - wind sprints instead of casual jogs, grueling circuits rather than just plodding around the weight room, burning out on the simplest, smallest plyos. Despite no foreseeable bouts (which obviously can change in a second) I'm training with a purpose - with desperation despite, well, nothing to be desperate about.

But this is a good thing.

My physique is carving itself out again, my lungs feel fresh and strong, and my weight - despite my vices - is reaching a very good, maintainable level. Two weeks ago this was translating to success in the ring, and I don't see why it won't keep moving me forward when I resume my "traditional" routine when I'm back from vacation.

Hell, I've been working out 2x/day during my vacation - working the heavy bag in the basement, running in the gorgeous (sweltering) Midwestern sun, improvising with some plyos and body weight exercises, taking my ninja pooch (my Beagle) for runs up and down the hill before catching a Royals game or sitting on my buddy's dock and fishing the rest of the afternoon. Maybe I'm weird, but the workouts are just as relaxing to me as the whole R&R thing. At the same time, who knows whether or not my next opponent's on vacation (doubt it) and what's to say I won't get swamped with work or an injury (nooo, did I jinx myself?!) when I get back to Beantown.

Always. Keep. Your saw. Sharp.

In sum, I haven't been thinking or complaining - just doing. And while I'm re-connecting with friends, family and my Ozarks roots, I'm also continuing to tap into a deep, healthy drive that's been all too hard to pin down the past year. I've been riding it for awhile and don't plan on letting it go anytime soon...assuming I've still "got it" after a lazy afternoon on the boat.

Enjoy the 4th, y'all. Go Royals!

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